Alaska Home Improvements

The word Genesis in itself means a new beginning. At Genesis Renovations, that is exactly how we treat every new project, remodel, addition or renovation as a new beginning for you…the customer!With extensive experience in all types of remodels Genesis has the ability to take that project that was started by someone else and finish it to your satisfaction as well as take your own ideas and bring them to life from start to finish.

Can’t envision how or if your project is even possible? Let us help! As a licensed and bonded and insured company, we offer free design consultation and will let you know of the potential possibilities or pitfalls to improving your greatest asset, your home.

We believe that you will be amazed at how affordable a quality remodel can be. You may even question why you waited so long to make that project you wanted done yesterday become the joy you look at tomorrow.

Ready to discuss the possibilities? We offer a free consultation.

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We can raise your existing home and add another whole level of living space. We can also move your existing home to another location.


We can create the home of your dreams to enjoy for years to come.


Fire and flood damage requires special attention and we are here to help.

New Construction

We build starter and custom homes to match the needs of you and your family.